PR & Media
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So here is what you get:

Four modules plus 3 minicourses

  • How to be featured in the media
  • How to grow your confidence in the camera
  • How to position yourself as an expert in the media
  • ​How to build relationship with the journalists
  • ​​​How to grow your PR and get more press
  • ​​​How to create your own media platform 

PR & Media

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Need Help?

Get the course now and you will get the bonus as below:

  • I will connect you with the journalist 
  • We will write a story about you
  • We will publish your story in the website magazine
  • ​We will design your story and share in our social media platform
  • ​​​We will send you the PDF so you can use it for your PR (watch the course to learn more about this)
  • ​​​We will design the front cover of you in the magazine (we will coordinate together for the photos)
  • ​We will send you the cover to use for your PR and marketing

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